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Critique Guides

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Digital Images

Maximum resolution is 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high.

File size not restricted  It must less 2 Mb for upload

The pixel resolution to be  100 DPI and in the  JPEG format.

Image oriented to your preference - Landscape or Portrait or Square

Note that portrait format images must be no more than 1080 pixels in height.

Naming protocol: It is important to conform  to these file name and size


Title is optional.  Grade A ,AB, B. Month are Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov  Image no

Images to be emailed to Judging Coordinator for collation by the last day of the month prior (e.g. Images for MAY to be sent by 30th APRIL

Email critique@beaudesertcamera.org.au or upload page


Prints are submitted at the JANUARY, MARCH, JUNE and SEPTEMBER meetings for impact judging at that meeting.

In OCTOBER prints are submitted for PHOTO OF THE YEAR judging. The maximum size of entries is 20" x 16" (508 mm x 406 mm) or the equivalent surface area (320 square inches or 2062 square centimeters) for different formats.

Each member may submit up to 2 enlargements. The title only on the back . No name etc Please

The months is competition month (letters) Jan Feb Mar May Jul Sep Nov.

Critique results Critique Topic Critique Guides 

Your file Name

Explanation of the component of the file naming  

- Subject:


Grade/Subject/Month/Image Number 1/ Your Membership ID Number /Title


Grade/Subject/Month/Image Number 2/ Your Membership ID Number /Title

- Open:


Grade/Open/Month/Image Number 1/Your Membership ID Number/Title


Grade/Open/Month/Image Number 2/ Your Membership ID Nu number /Title.