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Anything Photographic

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You change the search bar

Battery Life

How to make it last longer

Colour Wheel

Colour: A Photographer's Guide to Directing the Eye, Creating Visual Depth, and Conveying Emotion

Composition Rules

18 Composition Rules For Photos That Shine

Courses Photography

A guide to top online photography courses where we share accredited photography degrees & certifications and  self guided photography courses

Copyrite for Photographers

Copyrite by ArtLaw

Depth of field

How aperture, focal length and focus control sharpness

Digital Photo

All about Digital Photo  What Is Storage ?  Labelling, DPI,Change Size, Printing ,Geotags ,Genealogy


How to Understand Camera Exposure


5 essential photography filters (and why you can't live without them!)


Flash photography made easy: master it all from pop-up flash to multiple flashguns


What is Depth of Field? How aperture, focal length and focus control sharpness


11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

Deletion of Images

Why you should not delete images on your memory card using your camera - and other memory card tips!


5 Camera Lenses Every Photographer Should Own


Top 12 Macro Photography Tips


What maintenance and cleaning is necessary

Memory Cards

9 Things Photographers Need to Know About Memory Cards


Photoshop Lightroom shortcuts guide

Quick Start

This cheat sheet is the reference guide I wish I had when I first started and I truly hope it will help you in your journey to become a better photographer.


Understanding Resolution and Bit Depth


Image Sharpness Issues by a judge Waren Vievers

Shutter Speed

Understanding Shutter Speed – A Beginner’s Guide

Software for Photographers

The Ultimate List (50+ Tools)

Star  Milky way

 How to Photograph the Milky Way in 12 Steps

Star Trails

 How to Photograph Star Trails:

White Balance

Introduction to White Balance

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